C’est Moi

“Sarah,” my mother would say, “Look with your eyes, not with your hands.”
“Oooo… But I love to look with my hands mommy!”

Ever since I was a little girl I loved to pick up things, all sort of things, and look at the different textures with my hands. Well – of course I would look with my eyes too. Color is first what draws me to an object that my hands cannot resist!

I remember watching salt water taffy being pulled on the Boardwalk and needing to get my hands on a piece as soon as possible – the way the colors melded together, looking so easy to stretch and pull, only to find it cool and an inviting challenge to chew, nestled inside the wrapper.

I remember walking through Napoleon’s Apartment at Le Louvre, the lush fabrics that covered the luxurious chairs, the crystal chandeliers that hung over the massive tables… and those red velvet separators keeping the treasures beyond my reach.

I remember my first visit to Harrod’s in London, discovering the stationery department – the walls full of sheets of the most exquisite paper, some smooth and shiny with brilliant color patterns, others soft in color with an accent of foil detail.

And my mind clicked.

What makes my creations so unique are the textural elements that I am compelled to add.

A tattered Parisian map transformed into a delicate fleur for your invitations. A silver wire and a tiny twig turn into a whimsical little birdcage. A piece of twine, woven around gemstones inspired by his eyes.

At Le Snooty Fox, the designs cannot help but go beyond the visual impact of a piece.  They must also have a feel that completes them.

The texture, the paper choice and the exquisite embellishments all contribute to a final product that’s not simply an invitation but more of an event you can hold in your hands.

Contact me and let’s get started!