Gina & John

I suspect John’s first memory of me is as the rain-soaked rides supervisor stumbling into the back door of his first aid station, in fact I believe he fondly recalls the moment by calling me a “drowned rat.” I know, not the exact meet-cute one expects when meeting the love of your life, but that’s it all the same. Of course, my first impressionable memory of us, involves the most passionate, toe-curling, swooning kiss of my life! No lie, with that kiss my heart opened up and I realized I was kissing a man I not only loved, but was falling deeply in love with. Sigh.

That was seven years ago. Wait, record scratch, seven years?! Year and half engagement?! How is that we took so long to get married? Well, we are, ahem, a little older than most couples; it honestly felt weird to have our parents pay for our wedding. Therefore, we started saving up for our perfect wedding. One of the perks of waiting, is you have plenty of time to fine tune your wedding ideas.

Thus, began our journey to the perfect Gina and John wedding. We, okay really just me, clipped articles and pictures out of magazines and we (John went, bless his heart) attended bridal shows and wedding extravaganzas. We finally settled on the idea of “Rock and Rose;” a little bit red romantic mixed with black-edged rock. John actually found our venue, the beautiful St. Anthony Hotel. I just love that place!

Next, we had to find vendors that understood our idea, which technically we didn’t understand ourselves completely. Was I ever blessed to find Le Snooty Fox! Sarah helped us bring our scattered ideas to fruition. The only downside to her talent? You’ll love all of her samples and want to change your theme. Thankfully, she was able to always gently guide us back to our theme. Then, we took our wedding ideas book to our other vendors and they ran with what we had. Somewhere in the swirl of chandeliers, two wedding dresses, and old world romanticism our wedding emerged as this spectacular and beautiful event, thanks to all of the hard work of our vendors.

Pictures courtesy of Still Life Photography